Monday, February 4, 2013

We have Moved.


We have moved blogs.The new blog is where I will post our family updates- it is still under construction while I have a few posts up and still trying to figure out a few things with Wordpress.

Have a great day,

Lyle and Britt W.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Lyle got a camera for christmas and this is the cutest thing that has been taken with it since we got it. We have been super busy but will get around to it! Right before I left for christmas vacation I was offered the job of an Early Preschool teacher half day along with Evening care program supervisor and the WSU children's center and have been working there since the first of January. I continued to work at the doctors office for the month of January as well as the children's center and am so glad that the 14 hour days are over officially. I absolutely love my job and am having a blast It is nice having both of us on campus as well. We did receive some snow over the MLK weekend in January and that week they called a snow day which was nice to really not have that much snow but to be able to have both of us home! I have been doing some new projects around the house as well as trying out my new silhouette machine I got for christmas- thank you Linda! It definitely has a learning curve and once I can get the hang of it I will be using that thing like crazy. Between photography lessons and silhouette lessons I am going to have my hands full in the near future. We are loving the weather and I am definitely getting spring fever! Pictures to come soon. You guys are going to love my new lamps and new end tables that match my coffee table lyle made! They look AMAZING.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Season

This is my favorite time of the year and I have not updated our blog in a long time it feels like. I love the season and we have so much to celebrate with our anniversary, lyle's birthday and christmas all within three weeks along with work and school things can get crazy. We our doing great in Pullman and love being able to go home to visit families whenever possible. Here are some pictures of the things we have been up to! Blessings to you all and your families.

The Boys by the "Fire"
Ugly Sweater party!

Me and Lyle's Christmas Tree
It is Total Charlie Brown tree but we did the best we could!
When I was little I was obsessed with "Footie pajamas."
my mom decided she needed to do that for me at age 22
Meow'y Christmas
Lyle has an obsession with Paul Bunyan and chopping things down
we went to Coeur d'Alene for Lyles birthday and
to celebrate our anniversary and he just had to have a photo
Christmas Party at the Godderidge's with Friends
here are some girls from the Vet School-
Mariah( Lyles lab partner),Katie and Amy
Little family photo at Thanksgiving
My Dads Buck that he shot
in Colorado
Our Aussie TJ loves to suck on the
Calf bottle feeding nipples as his Bink
Picture I took flying into SLC
Shooting at Colton gun Club
Shooting with friends

Bobbie, Me, Grandma Roche, McKenzie Abbigail and Mom

This is an old photo of us from probably 8 years ago
of the Roche Cousins! light skin does not run in our family- ha
Holiday makes me miss our fun christmas times that we would all
gather around!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Can you do the Mambo? Hey mambo..

Can you say "hey mambo mambo Italiano do the mambo"
cream sauce, banana peppers,olives, prosciutto all on fried lasagna made into
little chips. mmmm

TO DIE FOR..So much has been happening here this fall we are loving the weather, flag football and us wives( Micall, Tess and myself) are enjoying watching, carving pumpkins, lyle studying a lot, Cia Mambo Nachos in Spokane I am obsessed with ( if you come to visit I will take you there and if you do not like them 95% chance I will not invite you back) just kidding. seriously though. Friday we entered a new world we entered the mac world lyle got a mac book pro since both of our lap tops are shot We took the Plunge. The Mac Store is so funny they were congratulating us like we were bringing home our first baby from the hospital probably a little cheaper and it is quiet throughout the night- tangent anyways I love using it when I can get my hands on it. Oh have you guys seen Footloose yet? I was sort of anti remake but oh my laws! Micall and I went to it while we sent the boys to the Stanford game it was a win- win for all. Can you picture lyle watching footloose? I loved it and thought it was darling so glad I could enjoy it without feeling guilty for seeing a movie I wanted to and the person you take hates it. (you know those peeps). Also I have gotten into a new series Revenge- Any watching it? It is Amazing and I love it look forward to it every week. Modern Family is really starting to bore me kind of not as funny as it once was, Greys is in its last season and I have to pick up on some new shows Thank goodness for Hulu Plus- Netflix has really let me down as well who wants to wait 2 years to watch the latest season and then for movies watch some romance novel made movie.
Thats all for today sports fans!

Lyle's Pumpkin
Go Cougs

This is the coffee table Lyle made while I was in Utah
I am not 'that' wife that gives a billion things to do while I am gone.
I just asked for a few things i.e. keep the house clean
And he did this inspired by Pottery Barn
because I love that place and we are no where near being
able to afford anything but a napkin from there. He worked really hard on it and it
turned out amazing-- I was very surprised!